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I always marvel
Whenever I travel

Because if you don’t travel
And extensively explore
How can you open those awaiting doors?
Mysteries always lie waiting to be unraveled

I travel with my eyes
Watching those silently cry
Asking themselves the question why
Someone left them without saying goodbye

I travel with my thoughts
Abundant knowledge I have found and sought

I travel with my pen
To write about children, women and men

I travel with my voice
Speaking sensibly refusing to induce confusing noise

I travel with hope
Believing something new will spring into my horoscope
Whether in Africa or whether in Europe
There is always room, there is always scope

I travel to many places
Mix with different culture and races
Identify tribes by their faces
Everyone I always embrace

I travel with or without money
So please listen to my testimony
Every experience is worth lifes journey

I travel with intensive faith
Lavishing love rather than being defensive with hate

Because if you don’t travel
How can you grow?
How can you know,
What is beneath the dust and below the gravel?

Sylvia Chidi


Do You Journal?

Posted: May 29, 2010 in travel

Now that the spring semester ended, and I have more time, I decided to type my handwritten journal into my computer. If you keep a journal, you know time consuming this task can be, especially if you write a lot. I love it though. Typing my journal forces me to read it. It’s great. It brings back memories of events long forgotten. I can see personal growth and development in the way I think.

Writing Away by Lavinia Spalding is my latest good read. In her book, the author gives her insight and advice on journaling. She has traveled extensively and shares her experiences. She writes:

A notebook is a traveler’s salve, soothing the commotion of our relentless thoughts by providing a safe container for them. The act of writing anchors us, slowing and deepening our reflections so that we articulate with more honesty and precision than when we think and talk. We tune in, decipher emotions, conquer demons, and exhume deeply buried memories. A journal also gives us a worksheet for managing disturbing emotions – if we’re angry, we can find the root, pull it up, and let it go more easily. If we’re afraid, we can dissect the fear, poke at it with a probe until we overcome it. If we’re depressed, we can cheer ourselves up. However many times we fling ourselves off the deep end, we can trust the journal to guide us back to safe waters.

Open Discussion (leave comments): What are your thoughts about journalingl? Do you keep a journal?

Airline Insults and Travel Fees

Posted: February 18, 2010 in travel

Traveling by air now takes more thought and planning than ever because of the most recent changes. A couple of issues, size and fees.

What do you think about an airline that kicks someone off for being overweight? How do you think this should be handled by the airlines? Here is the story.

Also, be sure you figure in the additional fees for baggage, pillows and blankets. MSNBC reports about it in “Flying the fee-filled skies A comparison of costs for airline services.” Do you think the fees are reasonable? Please comment to share your opinions.

Haiti – A Tourist Attraction?

Posted: January 20, 2010 in travel
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Who hasn’t heard about the Haiti earthquake disaster stories spread out all over the media? News about that magnitude of earthquake travels fast.

I found an article published through MSNBC posted on Twitter that asks the question, “Should cruise ships be taking tourists to Haiti?” After seeing this article, my first response was, “No, of course not.” I thought it was insensitive and thought only the travel industry would benefit.

However, when I looked at the argument and discovered that the industry is actually helping the Haitian people, I opened my mind. I’m not sure I completely changed my mind, but I can see a viewpoint I wouldn’t otherwise see if not for this article.

What do you think? Read the article and leave a comment if you want to be a part of this discussion. Does the article change your mind? You can also vote from the article to voice your opinion.