Do You Journal?

Posted: May 29, 2010 in travel

Now that the spring semester ended, and I have more time, I decided to type my handwritten journal into my computer. If you keep a journal, you know time consuming this task can be, especially if you write a lot. I love it though. Typing my journal forces me to read it. It’s great. It brings back memories of events long forgotten. I can see personal growth and development in the way I think.

Writing Away by Lavinia Spalding is my latest good read. In her book, the author gives her insight and advice on journaling. She has traveled extensively and shares her experiences. She writes:

A notebook is a traveler’s salve, soothing the commotion of our relentless thoughts by providing a safe container for them. The act of writing anchors us, slowing and deepening our reflections so that we articulate with more honesty and precision than when we think and talk. We tune in, decipher emotions, conquer demons, and exhume deeply buried memories. A journal also gives us a worksheet for managing disturbing emotions – if we’re angry, we can find the root, pull it up, and let it go more easily. If we’re afraid, we can dissect the fear, poke at it with a probe until we overcome it. If we’re depressed, we can cheer ourselves up. However many times we fling ourselves off the deep end, we can trust the journal to guide us back to safe waters.

Open Discussion (leave comments): What are your thoughts about journalingl? Do you keep a journal?

  1. kathynygaard says:

    If you don’t journal, you can discuss why you never decided to journal. There is no right or wrong answer. This is all opinion.

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