Public Relations – A Fast Growing Field

Posted: November 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

Looking for a career in public relations?  If you are working on a degree in public relations, you obviously should know what it is.  But how many people really know what public relations is?  Take a look at these interviews with the public…  As you see in the video, not everyone can define PR.

This video explains it well…

A degree opens up a host of opportunities.  Oklahoma State University provides information online for a public relations career:  

The purpose of public relations work is to help develop mutual understanding between an organization and the audiences who are important to the success of the organization. The public relations program of study is designed to provide students with the ability to: (1) write and communicate well, (2) recognize the public relations implications of real situations and the needs of organizations, (3) understand the public relations process and how to apply it, and (4) understand the characteristics of the mass media and their importance in public relations.

Careers can be found through the OSU career department.   Hire provides job seekers with employment opportunities.    Other helpful resources include online services such as Yahoo! Hot Jobs or Career  These Web sites would be helpful to add to your online favorites for quick reference.

Networking works extremely well when looking for a job.  Volunteer work and internships are great networking tools.  Women in Communications (AWC) and Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) are two of the largest networking groups in Oklahoma.  AWC has a chapter  Oklahoma City, and in Tulsa.  PRSA has chapters in Oklahoma City and Tulsa as well.  Through these organizations and sources, job seekers can find advisors, mentors, and connections to find a good fit.

The future looks bright in the world of PR.  If you are looking for a career in public relations, it is a growing field with plenty of opportunities.

  1. Liz Horkey says:

    This was a great post. the video of a day in the life of a PR professional was really interesting.

  2. kathynygaard says:

    Thanks, Liz. I really enjoyed putting this post together. I found such interesting information through YouTube and the Web.

  3. […] looking for a career in public relations, it is a growing field with plenty of opportunities.” (   Luckily for many young people, this is their major. If your are one of the people who are […]

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