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Posted: November 8, 2009 in OSU Social Media

“You can’t say, I won’t write today because that excuse will extend into several days, then several months, then… you are not a writer anymore, just someone who dreams about being a writer.” – Dorothy C. Fontana

“Writers write.”  Those were the first words I heard out of the mouth of my mass communications professor at Tulsa Community Collegee before attending Oklahoma State University.   I thought, “duh.”

Then I took more journalism classes and discovered how helpful those two words were. I like the idea of keeping up with a journal. It’s a way to take the stress out of my day. But, sometimes I find it more difficult to post anything in my journal. I may start out writing, then find myself waking up with my pen in hand.

As I thought about my future as a writer, I did more research on what writers do. What kind of life would I have as a writer? Would I really be able to write ALL the time? I found some interesting YouTube videos on writing. It seems that writers enjoy giving advice and sharing their experience.

I thought this Advice on Becoming a Writer video reinforced the idea that “writers write.” Practice your writing skills. Very practical advice. That brought up the question, am I born to be a writer? She mentions blogging and writing about how you feel. Well, here it is.  My blog with feelings. A Day in the Life of a Writer.  Now, this video shows the experience of a typical day for this writer.

My ideal dream job has been travel writing.  The YouTube video  World Travel makes travel writing look exciting.  The reality?  It’s not always that great.  In my travel writing research, I’ve discovered that as with any traveling experience, things don’t always go so smoothe.  It can actually be a very bad experience.  It’s a risky buisiness.  However, I tend to be a little risky.  I love skydiving.  For the last few years, I’ve wanted a chance to hang-glide off of one of those beautiful mountains in Brazil.

My conclusion to this dilemma of writing comes to this: I will continue to learn all I can about writing, because it is one of those things I need to do for myself.  I will never know what I can do unless I do it. 

“It took me fifteen years to discover I had no talent, but I couldn’t give it up because by that time I was too famous.” – Robert Benchley

I write, not for fame or fortune, but a desire to express my passion to the world.  Now, if fame and fortune happen to find me, that’s okay.

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