Stepping-Up to Social Media

Posted: October 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

I wouldn’t consider myself a “technophile,” which identifies a person who will buy the latest and greatest technical equipment whatever the cost.   I’m more of the, “I’ll wait until the price goes down,” type of technical shopper. 

I finally bought my first iPod about two weeks ago.  I didn’t go for the iPhone, because of the monthly cost.  Yes, I may be considered cheap, but at least I’m able to pay my montly bills on time. 

I’m excited about my new toy.  It plays music, downloads podcasts, keeps record of my contacts, connects to the intenet, and more (just like a good iPod should.)  I tried out my internet service at the coffeeshop close to my job.  It was great.  I bought a cup of coffee and a slice of cheesecake drizzled with chocolate and caramel syrup.  I was getting the feel of being trendy, which I don’t always get to do, especially since I’m not a technophile.

Let me ask you, are you a technophile?  I learned this word from my other online class.  What was the last purchase you made that made you feel trendy?  Feel free to comment.

  1. kathynygaard says:

    I love comments.

  2. I’m with you, Kathy. I’ve never heard of a “technophile” before… perhaps that’s why I would by no means consider myself to be one. I’m always the last to give in when it comes to technology (i’ve recently discovered it hates me) but I must say my last trendy purchase was an external harddrive. I love it because I’m able to have all of my music in one place without taking up too much room on my computer. Speaking of computers, my next purchase will be a mac because it’s about time I join the rest of the world.

    • kathynygaard says:

      Hmmm…I haven’t thought of getting an external harddrive before, Kelsey. I’m thinking my next big techy purchase will be a new desktop computer. Mac would be a good choice for me too. I hear the operating system doesn’t get viruses the way Windows does. The cost is a little much, but worth it in the long run if it runs better and lasts longer.

  3. Stephen Holm says:

    Being a technophile can be trouble and helpful. My kids are much more trendy then I. I have a semi new computor and was home alone with it after my daughter had been on Myspace. I had a supposed security system flashing me warnings about a virus. I bit and tried to use the security sytem to cure my problem. It turns out the system was the virus. After I errored my youngest came home and said Dad thats a Trojan Virus. He went on his computor and down loaded a cure for me. I tried to cancel my purchase but lost $52.00 It was a good lesson.
    The lesson learned was good equipment is nice but you need a Tech support system in place. Hence my son being a technophile geek.

  4. kathynygaard says:

    Hi Steve. Yes, technology can be a blessing (helpful) and a curse (trouble) depending on if it’s working well or not.

    It’s a good thing you have a son who is computer saavy. At least you have good tech support.

    Today, I’m listening to a podcasts on my iPod. Technology is addicting. There’s so much I can do with it. I can understand why people turn into technophiles.

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